Cu Lao Re (Dao Ly Son), Vietnam

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Referance point for USS Kawishiwi AO-146
A WESTPAC Replenishment Ship

Kawishiwi passed between this interesting island and the main land on June 16, 1966. SHIPS LOG
During this same year, the island was known as "Paradise Island" by the SSPL. The U. S. Coast Guard was there also.

Fishing harbor on East End of island.
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Cù-Lao Ré is a volcanic field northeast of Quảng Ngãi, Vietnam. The field consists of 13 volcanic cones; four subaerial and nine submarine. Three of the subaerial cones formed the Cù-Lao Ré Island, while the fourth one formed the Cù-Lao Bai Island.

Cu Lao Re Air Strip                                                                                                       View  across the harbor

The whole island is covered with these farm fields except for the Volcanos. (No.2 in image at top of page.)

Valley north of fields shown above                                                                                   Planting Garlic                    

The Sacred Sword of the Patriots League
One of the most interesting and intricate Allied deception plans used during the war in Vietnam was a black operation that claimed to be an anti-Communist movement called Mat Tran Guom Thieng Ai Quoc, ("Sacred Sword of the Patriot League" or SSPL), located inside North Vietnam. This imaginary guerilla group and village was supported and sponsored by the U.S. Military Assistance Command Vietnam's Studies and Observation Group (MACVSOG), supervised by the Central Intelligence Agency, the United States Information Agency, and the South Vietnamese Nha-Ky-Thuat(Strategic Technical Directorate). From:

ET2 Fred Dailey next to the Point Glover's 81mm mortar.
In the background is Cu Lao Re, an island 20 miles off the coast from Chu Lai and a favorite stop on the way off patrol.

 The WPB crews used it as a brief R&R stop. (1969) View: THE COAST GUARDS VIETNAM