Lone Sailor Memorial
Long Beach , California
The Lone Sailor statue represents the past, present and future Navy bluejacket. The sailor is Adventurous, Independent, Courageous, Self-reliant, and Resourceful. Their authentic image evokes the lure and romance of service at sea.

The Long Beach Lone Sailor is the only one that overlooks the ocean. Others are located inland  at Washington, D.C.; Norfolk, VA; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Great Lakes, IL; West Haven, CN; Waterloo, IW; Burlington, VT; Bremerton, WA;while one overlooks San Francisco Bay. The original work is by artist Stanly Bleifield.

This magnificent bronze statue was placed on the bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, on Ocean Boulevard at Paloma Avenue in Long Beach, on October 13, 2004, the 229th anniversary of the creation of the United States Navy.  The dedication of the statue was held on December 11, 2004
 in memory of the many brave men and women who gave their lives on December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor.

HISTORY           Sailor Ship Store

As part of the casting process, the bronze for The Lone Sailor was mixed with artifacts from eight  U. S. Navy ships, provided by the curator for the Navy in the Naval Historical Center at the Washington Navy Yard. The ships span the Navy's history, yielding small pieces of copper sheeting, spikes, hammock hooks and other fragments from the post-revolutionary frigates Constitution (Old Ironsides) and Constellation;  the steamer Hartford, flagship of Admiral David G. Farragut in the Civil War era; the battleship USS Maine; the iron-hulled steamer/sailing ship USS Ranger; the World War II-era cruiser USS Biloxi and aircraft carrier USS Hancock, and the nuclear-powered submarine USS Seawolf.


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