This was a Ports of Call in Long Beach, California
for the USS Kawishiwi AO-146
 Replenishment Ship

Two Oilers in forground appear to be  Sacramento Class, build in the 60's

Kawishiwi arrived at home port Long Beach 8 December for shakedown training. Upon completion of the training, she departed Long Beach 25 April 1956 to replenish ships of the 7th Fleet. On leaving for Pearl Harbor for the first time, the ship came upon a man and woman in a boat. They were adrift and lost at sea. Having them picked up they continued to Pearl Harbor.  Richard Inman remembers picking up a married man and woman in a stranded boat, but after a trip up the coast and on the way back to Long Beach. It turned out one was from Van Nuys.

Kawishiwi remained in the Far East on refueling operations until returning to Long Beach 10 October.

On returning to San Pedro Harbor from the Far East,  Kawishiwi was making ready to receive needed repairs when she encountered a tug with her screws. She is probably the only oiler in history to sink another boat.
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This photo was taken 40 years before photo of base shown at top of page. Probably to left of piers.

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The 2008 Long Beach image below depicts that nearly the whole area is now used for container handling. Perhaps the only open space for mooring a Navy Support Museum is to the left of cruise terminal by the Queen Elizabeth.