Angels Gate
Long Beach , California

Cargo and Cruise ships from around the world pass this way. Since 1913, the light has stood. A 5-day storm in 1939 caused it to tilt inland a bit. Taken from a tour boat at sunset.
Copyright: Carl Morrison



The Los Angeles Harbor lighthouse, also known as the "Angel's Gate" light, welcomes ships into the harbor of the City of Angels, Los Angeles. Don't let the name confuse you, Los Angeles Harbor is nowhere near downtown Los Angeles, but is located in San Pedro several miles south of L.A.. The lighthouse, completed in 1913 at a cost of just under $36,000, was built around twelve steel columns and sits at the end of the 9,250-foot San  Pedro breakwater. The bottom of the lighthouse is multi-sided, while the top three stories are cylindrical. The twelve columns now covered with black pilasters, give the lighthouse a Romanesque feel. No other lighthouse was ever built to this design. The tower had room for three keepers, while their families were housed on shore.


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