is a Port of Call by the
USS Hassayampa AO-145 in Fremantle
1960, 1966 & 1972
Coral Sea Week

USS Ponchatoula AO-148 in Rockingham

1980's and 1990's
Both the  TAO-145
and TAO-148
visited this area.

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The information about the 1980's-90's is supplied by Capt. Patrick Moloney who was master of the USS Hassayampa TAO-145 and at times,  for the  USS Ponchatoula TAO-148.

There were two other little doghole ports that the battlegroup would send a destroyer or frigate to, they could only handle one ship.  They were Geraldton to the north of Fremantle and Bunbury to the south.  The smallboys never had charts for the place so one time when we were in Fremantle I bought the local charts and in successive battlegroups would xerox them and send them over to whatever ship got exiled to the outports. (Pat)

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