is the Port of Call by the
USS Hassayampa AO-145
a 7th Fleet
WESTPAC Replenishment Ship

On 20-23 April 1964
with Task Force 90
First Concord Squadron
.The United States government detached an expeditionary force to the Indian Ocean. Designated the Concord Squadron with Bon Homme Richard at its heart. The squadron transited the narrow Straits of Malacca , and became the first United States Task Force to patrol the waters of the Indian Ocean, since the mid 1950's. Its mission- peace and good- will.

Hassayampa visited again in 1978

By the 15th century this important port was a thriving, sophisticated city with established trade routes to China, Persia, and India. Today Mombasa continues to be the largest port on the East African coast serving the countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and eastern Zaire, and of course, Kenya. The population is fast approaching half a million with 70% of African descent and a small minority of Asians and Europeans.

Over the centuries Mombasa has struggled with numerous foreign invaders and hostility. The Portuguese, the ferocious Zimba tribe, and the Omanis have all laid claim to Mombasa since the 12th century. By the late 1800's it became the base of exploration for British expeditions to Kenya’s interior. In 1988, the Imperial British East Africa Company set up headquarters in Mombasa. British rule of Mombasa became official in 1895 when they leased a stretch of the coast including the port city from the Sultan of Zanzibar. Officially this coastal strip still belonged to Zanzibar until ceded to a newly independent Kenya in 1963.

The British affirmed Mombasa’s importance as East Africa’s most vital port when they completed a railway in 1901 stretching from Mombasa to Uganda. Today, the city remains one of Africa’s major links to the rest of the world. Built on a 15 sq km island, Mombasa is surrounded by a natural harbour. The mainland coasts north and south of the city boast a proliferation of tourist resorts. Within the city itself, a traveller has numerous opportunities for exploration and discovery.

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