A Salute to the Warriors who never returned  
This project honors those who fought and won the Pacific War, with a special tribute to the warriors who never returned. The project meshes beautifully with the ongoing World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument and fills an important niche that is not getting the priority attention it deserves.
    This memorial would be on the waterfront surrounded by a 7 foot lava rock wall, except for the segment facing the USS Arizona, and situated somewhere between the Visitors Center and Bowfin Park. A 25 to 30 square yard space is needed, The attached diagram illustrates the character of this memorial, featuring a circular tile mosaic map of the Western Pacific and locations of the major battles and campaigns. A circle of some 20  Podiums on the foot path outside the center mosaic will each provide visual/electronic displays of one or more battles/campaigns  and include a brief on 1) the importance of each to the wartime Pacific strategy, 2) the final results and 3) the casualties. 
On the outside of the 12 foot wide walkway there will be several Podiums, each in tribute to one of our wartime allied nations, with visual/electronic displays depicting their key roles in the battles and campaigns they participated in, and tallies  of their personnel sacrifices.
I wish to emphasize that this special memorial is not just another monument. It will be educational, and provide a quiet sanctuary for reflection on the sacrifices that brought peace and freedom to Pacific nations, and opportunities to cooperate together in building a better future. 
Should it be helpful, I will be delighted to meet with local officials of our National Park Service, and hope that my transport can be arranged.

                                                                                                                                                                                            L.R. "Joe" Vasey RAdm. USN Ret.  

       Rev. May 31, 2010