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Port of call is
Yokosuka, Japan
by the USS Kawishiwi AO-146
A WESTPAC Replenishment Ship
2007 REPORT - GIs frequented Japan's 'comfort women'    or 1945 HIROSHIMA ATOM BOMB

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17 February, 1971 - We are, at this writing, on our way to the north pacific foa a call to the port city of Kokosuka, Japan, before officially leaving the Seveth Fleet.

My wife asked in a recent letter why "Special K" had to go Japan, instead of coming directly home to Pearl Harbor from subic Bay.  Her question was motivated by the thought that the trip to Japan was extending our deployment by a few days.  The deployment has not been extended! We are are assigned for duty with the Seveth Fleet until late February 1971 and our trip to Japan is part of the Seventh Fleet requirement to have a ship of our capability in the northern pacific area of responsibility.  The contingency requirement is normally assigned to one of the incoming or out going ships.  Remember we started our deployment ot the Seventh Fleet in Japan.

Yokosuka will be an interesting visit, as many of our "Special K" men have not had an opportunity to visit this area.  Tokyo and Yokohama are near, and for those who are inclined to take tours, there are many interesting ones available.  It will be chilly, as the temperature has been wavering between the high thirties and forties, with occasional snow showers.

USS Kawishiw AO-146 Commander: Capt. Wyand