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A Regular Port of call was
Hong Kong, China
by USS Hassayampa, AO-145
USS Kawishiwi, AO-146
  and USS Ponchatoula AO-148
7th Fleet WESTPAC Replenishment Ships

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The British Crown Colony of Hong Kong has a harbor that is beautiful and is only matched by the two cities of Victoria and Kowloon. The name Hong Kong by the way, means "Fragrant Harbor". The Crown Colony is really two British acquisitions, one is the main island of Hon Kong, with the city of Victoria, which was ceded by China to England in 1842.  Directly across from the island, on the mainland, is the bustling city of Kowloon, which means "Nine Dragons".  Contiguous to Kowloon is the so-called New Territories which share a common border with Communist China. England obtained a 99 year lease in 1898 on this area, which is about 360 square miles of land on the mainland and includes many off shore islands.

Hong Kong is reported as one of the most densely populated areas in the world.  In 1945 the population was about one million and it was considered crowded at the time.  today more than four million call it home with 99 percent of these Chinese origin. The weather was exceptionally warm and sunny while we were there.

The fascination of Hong Kong is mostly people.  You see the order and no-nonsense discipline of the British coupled with the industry and patience of the Chinese.  It is the keystone of the exotic East with homes on small junks, the laundry out, and children playing about chicken pens hanging from boat sterns, machine shops on junks, craftsmen working in tiny sidewalk stills. There is industry evident everywhere during the day.  Traffic moves fast, Pedestrians hustle.  There is vigor and motion.  At night the city relaxes, and the sidewalks overflow with people - children playing, neighbors gossiping, a mass of human  motion.  Everything is different - new sights, sounds, smells, shapes.  It is the greatest bazaar in the world.  By our standards everything is cheap, with the selection of quality and of merchandise of all varieties almost unbelievable.  It is truly a shoppers paradise.  This is so as Hong Kong is a free port, with few duty restrictions.  Because of the comparative cheap prices in Hong Kong a problem is created.  The choice and selection of material items is unbelievable.  One can literally go "broke" buying the bargains.

<>All hands had the opportunity to spend their money, and accomplish all kinds of sight seeing.  It was a most enjoyed visit and one inspired a fine change of pace for all of us.
January 1971, Capt. Wyand  Commander of USS Kawishiwi AO-146