Homeport Hawaii...1970 - 1971
 July 1970,  We are presently in Pearl harbor, having just finished "Refresher Training".  Refresher training consists of two weeks of concentrated exercises and driills that are aptly designed to peak our abilities for the upcoming cruise.  It was a strenuous, physically tasking two weeks that we needed, and know that the workout helped us all.  following this refresher training, we have two short weeks of inport preparation for the long cruise ahead.  We are now making our final plans for lraving Hawaii.  food, spare parts, fuel oil, and countless other items must be loaded on board before we leave.  Last minute family problems must be solved by the many heads of households that will be leaving.

Leaving Hawaii and our loved ones is always a very trying task.  Only the thought of returning makes the departure a little more bearable.

While we are overseas, communication problems seem to multiply with the distance traveled.  If there is any reason for you to get in touch with me, or anyone aboard in an emergency, I can present the following advice; use your local Red Cross chapter to the utmost.  They are professionals at helping people, and they can ease the burden of an emergency.  Emergency cases must be verified by the Red Cross if it will involve sending a member of the Kawishiwi home from WESTPAC on emergency leave.  It will simplify matters a great deal for everyone involved if your Red Cross chapter is used for such emergencies.

We hope to visit many interesting ports, some of which may be Hong Kong, Manila, Sasebo, and Singapore.  Visiting these exciting and interesting cities of the Orient is always a high point in any cruise.  I want to assure you that the Kawishiwi will be in very capable hands while we are gone.  I have the utmost confidence in the Officers and Men serving in Kawishiwi.  We have trained hard and we work together superbly as a team -- a highly skilled team of "Special" people that makes the Kawishiwi justly deserving of her nickname -- the "Special K".  Capt. Wyand

Other Years at Hawaii