Like those who receive shredded ship parts,
That pass through the Panama Canal!

Gerdau Longsteel North America of Vidor Texas, is a leader in the steel industry, as one of the largest concrete reinforcing steel fabricators in North America. the image right displays two barges. The right one with shredded parts, and one left one with rolls of steel rod, ready to concrete work.

The ArcelorMittal LaPlace Mini-Mill, alongside the Mississippi River, is in LaPlace, Louisiana, 35 miles northwest of New Orleans. Its deepwater dock can accommodate ships with a 45-foot draft and multiple barges. The facility produces billets, equal leg angles, unequal leg angles, flats and channels, as well as standard and wide-flange beams.

ThyssenKrupp Steel USA, LLC; Calvert, Alabama was created in 2007 to build and operate ThyssenKrupp's new, technologically advanced carbon steel processing facility. It will process 5.3 million metric tons of carbon steel annually.

These mills receive shredded steel from companies like;
 All Star Metals, Inc ; International Shipbreakers Ltd.;
Marine Metals; ESCO Marine Salvage; and Andy International
 in the Brownville, Texas Area.

The shredded steel can come by Tug & Barge or Bulk Carrier.
Gerdau Longsteel North America - Beaumont Area

Arcelor Mittal LaPlace Mini-Mill  - New Orleans Area

ThyssenKrupp Steel USA - Mobile Area