All Star Metals LLC. --- 2014

The "143" Class Oiler USS Hassayampa AO-145 will arrive on approximatly July 30th.

The USS Forrestal CV-59 recycling can be seen at All Star Metals (ASM).
The 1st Carrier they recycled was USS Cabot CVL-28

There are Four [4] Details of the ASM yards. Office, A, B, and C. Click those areas.
The ship being recycled in this image was the Chevron ship "Colorado Voyager" in 2010.

All Star Metals recognizes the significance of the USS Forrestal to Veterans
who served on the vessel, their families and all Americans.

“We are committed to providing you with as much information related to the dismantling and recycling process as we are permitted by our contract with the United States Navy. We have developed a dedicated website,, (click on the Forrestal Picture) where you can access this information and receive updates on the progress of the USS Forrestal project. We encourage you to visit the site and appreciate your interest in this important effort.”

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AO-134,   AO-145,    PRESIDENT,    GREAT LAND,    AOR-3, 

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