SEA BUOY - Brownsville Ship Channel
Retired ships being towed here to be recycled into scrap metal,
use the buoy, on chart, as a destination before entering the channel.

South Padre Island WEB CAM
Area Ship Movement: REAL TIME MAP (i.e. AIS) - Dependant on good working conditions.

The Pilot Buoy is the point a tug captain expects to be when he states his ETA date.

Pilots, licensed by the Federal Government, board vessels near this sea buoy. The Brazos Santiago Pilots maintain a station on Padre Island near the Port Isabel Coast Guard Station. The pilot boat has the word PILOT on the boat house. The standard Rules of the Road day and night signals are shown on the pilot boats. The pilot boats monitor VHF-FM channel 16 and work on channels 12 and 16. The pilot station works on channels 12 and 16.  globalsecurity


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