ROW "L" of the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet 
Feb. 27, 2004  TerraServer- USA  Photo

The aerial photo at left was taken in 2001 by Chris Lund as he flew over to gain images of the AS-type (Sub-Tender) ships in row K.

See the web page this photo came from:

A VC2-S-AP 2 - Liberty Cargo Ship built by the Oregon Shipbuilders Corp. in Portland


A VC2-S-AP 3 - Victory Cargo Ship

April 8, 2002

Ship Names
LST-1158 Tioga County

Hull-759 S.S. Hannibal Victory (Korea) ....
Hull-742 S.S. Barnard Victory (Korea)
Hull-746 S.S. Pan AmericanVictory (Korea)

Hull-789 S.S. Queens Victory (Korea)
Hull-784 S.S. Occidental Victory (Korea)
Hull-790 S.S. Winthrop Victory
Hull-777 S.S. Rider Victory (Korea)
S.S. Earlham Victory (Korea)
Hull-70 S.S. Sioux Falls Victory (Korea)
The ships with Victory name listed above are all AP-2 Type.
Five AP working Liberty or Victory Ships

Alphabetical List
Victory Ships built by the U.S. Maritime Commission during World War II

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