ROW "H and APL Barge" of the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet 
Feb. 27, 2004  TerraServer- USA  Photo
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At the end of Suisun Bay's  Reserve Fleets Pier is a Berthing Barge much like the San Diego APL-2 shown above.

The barge below is like the YC-1471 in Row H.  - The open sea buoys in Row H are much older that the one below.

The berthing barge is APL-24 a non-self-propelled shore dependent barracks craft capable of accommodating up to 500 personnel. It is commonly used to house crews in which ships are undergoing a major overhaul. The APL can be configured to provide training or classrooms as well as berthing. The principal compartments on an APL are Wardroom, Officers Mess, CPO Berthing, CPO Mess, Crews Quarters, Crews Mess, Galley, Bakery, Laundry and a Sick Bay.

The YC and BC type Barges are US Navy type uncovered lighters (deck barges)  measuring approximately 112 feet in length, 32 feet in breadth, with a draft of 6 feet 6 inches. Displacement is approximately 265 tons each.

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