USS Wichita AOR-1
USS Wichita AOR-1 arrived off the Channel Entrance on April 28, 2013
After Passing through the PANAMA CANAL 13 days ealier.

The ETA date of the 28th was when the tug began to take in the tow line. Taking in the line, 10 to 30 miles out
 is necessary because of the shallower waters where they don't want to snag anything like a pipe line.
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She was towed from San Francisco, California by Tug ROUGHNECK.
The voyage started on March 16th, 45 days earlier.

The photo above was taken from the yard Wichita will be recycled in.  Click for larger images

This is a couple mile detail of the channel.

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This displays how Wichita was rotated and pushed into the dismantling slip by the ports assist tugs.

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