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It was on Saturday, October 4th that I received this message:
 Last night a port list was noticed on the Constellation and the office was notified. @1240 on 10/3/14 we received instructions to alter course to 103*T and proceed to a position that is 20nm off Pta Tetas Light where shore side crews can come out to the Constellation and evaluate the cause for the port list and fix it. ETA to 20nm off Pta Tetas Lt is for AM on 10/6/14.
6:30 p.m. Constellation appears to be listing more this afternoon. She is abeam in a crosswind on her STB side of 18-20kts and I expect this is adding to the list due to windage. Also it was noticed that the Constellation seems to be down by the stern as we were able to view her slightly ideways. So she looks heavy in the Port stern quarter. Capt. Jon Larson
Here is a photo taken on the 3rd. I will take one in the A.M. When Navy Helo arrives. I have a video of the Chilean navy flying over it yesterday, will send when I get off this thing Hopefully in a few days……..Mike Jacques Chief on Corbin.                                                             LOOK BELOW FOR MORE IMAGES :)
Below, you can see the main tow chain, CENTER, is dropping straight down.
However, the bow line of the carrier is slightly off center.
To the port, you can also see the dropped tow by tug Rachel, hanging straight down to toward the ocean sea bed.

Any thing wrong with the carriers is not tugs fault. The ship is old and rusty. The Navy helps maintain the ship along the way.

 Notes in support of the tug sailors who
put their life at risk
 but enjoy it
at the same time.
I like to report
what they go through.

What I found out
about the Screws


Tug Hand-Off
Puget Sound

Only Tug

TOUR of CVN-72

October 9, 12:29pm.   Waiting for storm to pass. High winds are far to the South Vern. Not an issue here as of yet. A little bit bigger swell is all.
Constellation is trimmed out. Looks good. Corbin Foss
October 10,  6:00am.  The US Navy 4-man Salvage Team has assessed the situation and the problem has been resolved.  The vessels were
                                       given permission for shelter from weather  in
Bahia Mejillones Del Sur for  a storm front  moving in for the next 48
                                       hours. They will be back underway as soon  as it is safe to do so.
Foss Tow blog
                       8:00am.  Tug
Capt Latham made port of Callao, Peru.
                                       USS CONSTELLATION and CORBIN FOSS are still holding to off Pt. Tetas, Chile for weather and final orders from Navy Team
                                       to make sure repairs are holding before departure of Connie for Valparaiso.
Foss Tow blog
List area photos taken by local tugs on October 6th.
These notes are about encounters
on the high seas,