Capt. Lloyd "Joe" Vasey
USS Kawishwiwi AO-146
1961 - 1962
A "deep draft command" is a very important assignment  to any officer & never taken lightly; always remembered fondly.
Tonkin Straight   Crew Memories   Memorial Day 2010

Retired as RADM Lloyd "Joe" Vasey

Plank Owner of USS Missouri BB-63
Executive Officer - USS Gunnel SS-253
Commander Sept.1964-June 1965
USS Saint Paul (CA-73)

 Japanese Sub I-400
Joe's Encounter   and   Yokosuka-1945

USS NEW JERSEY left Pier E at 1130 on Monday, 12 May, 1969 and moved to Berth 13, Pier 1, Long Beach Naval Shipyard, for a three-week period of restricted availability, while minor repairs and routine maintenance could be carried out. The ship required no major repairs or alterations and in fact could have redeployed immediately if she had been required to. As the ship was being moved, Captain Snyder paid an official call on Rear Admiral Lloyd Vasey, operational commander. The Battleship had been selected to participate in PACMIDTRARON ' USN, Commander Cruiser Destroyer Flotilla SEVEN, Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group, LONG BEACH, and NEW JERSEY's69, the seven week summer Midshipman Training cruise, and Admiral Vasey would command the task group from USS NEW JERSEY. His would be the first operational flag to fly from the Dreadnought in her third commission. On Tuesday, at 0910, Admiral Vasey returned the Captain's call aboard NEW JERSEY.

China's Maturing Submarine Force: Although the PLAN has not released the results of its investigation, a number of scenarios have been suggested.  One possible sequence of events is that a crucial valve stuck shut and failed to allow exterior air to enter the submarine while the ship's diesel engines were operating.  The engines consumed all the oxygen from the ship's atmosphere and rapidly htmhyxiated the crew.  An alternative explanation is that the diesel engines failed to shut off as intended when the submarine submerged.  See "Valve Problem Blamed for Submarine Accident".  A third scenario offered by Rear Adm. Lloyd Vasey (U.S.Navy, Ret.) suggests that seawater entered the ship's massive batteries, generating toxic clouds of chlorine gas that killed the crew.  See Indira A.R. Lakshmanan, "Cause of Submarine Disaster Is Mystery," Boston Globe, May 4, 2003, p. 18.

Associated Research Focus: Asia Research Institute for Hawaii.USA

Associated Programs: Pacific Forum CSIS Monterey Institute of International Studies

Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona, Sen. John McCain and Gov. Linda Lingle spoke at a press conference on Nov. 5, 2004, at Washington Place. McCain was in Honolulu to speak at a ceremony honoring retired Navy Rear Adm. Lloyd "Joe" Vasey, who served in the Pacific in World War II with the senator's father, John S. McCain Jr. - STAR-BULLETIN / 2004

"Joe McCain" is also included in this interview.


Admiral Joe Vasey talking with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service representatives Forrest Cameron, Carolyn Bohan, and Joan Jewett while visiting Midway Island for the 60th Remembrance.

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Joe LLOYD ROLAND VASEY LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA ' Cuddlesome " LLOYD ROLAND, known much more frequently as Joe, has spent many years in the tropics — Samoa, the Philippines, and Charleston, S. C. — furnishing him material for many a cold winter evening ' s conversation. These same years, spent swimming like a native, made him a natural for the swimming squad. He can be depended on to be a redmike unless someone needs help; even then the gal must be a forty and savvy. His being a Navy Junior seeming rather beside the point to him, makes Joe a conspicuous exception to the rule. He has never let any academic department get more than two strikes on him, and has played ball with the Executive Department. It work and perseverance are the things that are required for success; he'll go right to the top.
Joe's wife Lilian Ruth Vasey, died July 14, 2007 at the age of 89. She was formerly of N.D., a first-grade teacher and elementary school principal. They have three daughters, Kristine, Karla and Kari.

Expertise: Geopolitical strategy and U.S. political-security relations   in Asia-Pacific region; PRC security strategy

Founder and Senior Adviser for Policy (Non-resident),
Vice Chairman, Pacific Forum CSIS  

1001 Bishop Street,
Pauahi Tower, Suite 1150, Honolulu, HI  96813 808-521-6745

To give some idea of what the Pacific Forum is all about, There is this tale of Joe Vasey during World War II.

Vasey was onboard a diesel submarine that was being hunted by a Japanese destroyer and running out of air. They were coming up to essentially try to fight their way out of this mess of Japanese destroyers around them, where Vasey said that he made himself a promise that if he lived through this, he was going to some day find a better way of settling problems than people shooting at one another.

Luckily, the submarine surfaced safely hidden in a cloud-bank, and Vasey went on to found the Pacific Forum in 1975. The non-profit, non-governmental organization is the Asia Pacific arm of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.

Joe's dad sailed with the
Great White Fleet which sailed around the world in the years 1907-1909. He was a storekeeper on the Yacht Yankton.

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Applicants must be from East Asia

Lloyd "Joe" Vasey (Rear Admiral USN Ret.) a senior strategist, focused on assessing the impact of China's defense and foreign policies on regional security. Vasey founded the Pacific Forum in the mid-1970s and served as CEO until 1990. He is the author of several published articles and studies on Asia-Pacific security issues, including China's Growing Military Power and Implications for East Asia (CSIS, 1993). His military service includes: chief of strategic plans and policies at U.S. Pacific Command Headquarters, secretary to the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff; deputy director of the U.S. National Military Command Center in the Pentagon; and chief of staff for Commander U.S. 7th Fleet. Vasey graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and holds an M.A. (education) from Stanford University. He is also a graduate of the U.S. National War College and has received an honorary doctorate from the University of Hawaii. In 1997, he received Hawaii Pacific University's highest honor: the Fellow of the Pacific Award.

Hawaii organization is having a major impact on U.S. foreign policy in Asia.

Vasey Fellows -2003

      Ah-Young Kim
      South Korea
   Joe Vasey
Kazuko Hamada
The Vasey Fellowship was estblished by the Pacific Forum CSIS in February 2002 to honor RADM. Joe Vasey USN Ret. who launched the Pacific Forum in 1975 to help build better relations between the Untied States and it's Asian neighbors. The Vasey Fellowship Program provides a unique opportunity to young promising scholars from the Asia-Pacific region to develop hands-on expertise regarding U.S. foreign policy through research projects undertaken at the Pacific Forum in Honolulu. Vasey Fellows also participate in the Pacific Forum's Young Leaders Program, attending conferences throughout the U.S. and East Asia.
As of this date Feb. 2010, over a dozen young interns from Asia have completed the Vasey Fellowship Program, including one from Russia. 
Endowment proceeds help fund this continuing series of Vasey Fellows.

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