USNS Vanguard T-AG-194

The last configuartion photo taken in Bluff, N.Z.

Aerial view in James River Reserve Fleet in 2010

Aerial view in Marine Metal Inc. RECYCLE SLIP in Brownsville, TX - January, 2014


This is the original vessel, USNS Mission San Fernando (T-AO-122)

Laid down, 26 August 1943, as type (T2-SE-A2) tanker hull, at Marinship Corp., Sausalito, Ca.
Delivered to the Navy, 29 February 1944. Laid up in NDRF Olympia, WA May 1946
Placed in service by (MSTS) 1 October 1949 as USNS Mission San Fernando (T-AO-122).
Placed out of service, 24 May 1955. Returned to NDRF Olympia, WA; Struck from Register.
Moved to NDRF James River, VA; 4 September, 1957
Re-acquiredby the Navy, 28 September 1964; converted to a MIssile Range Instrumentation Ship (AGM)
at General Dynamics Corp., Quincy, MA., The Conversion required the
removalof the whole central tank section, leaving only the Stern and Pow for the new Ship.
Named USNS Mussel Shoals (T-AGM-19) during the conversion.
Placed in service with MSTS as USNS Vanguard (T-AGM-19), 28 February 1966.
Reclassified (Navigational Test Launch Ship) (T-AG-194) in September 1980.
Placed out of service, date unknown. Struck from Register 13, December 1999.
Laid upin the NDRF, James River, Fort Eustis, VA.
Scrapped by Marine Metal LTD, Brownsville TX in the fall of 2013

USNS Vanguard (T-AGM-19) seen here as a NASA SkyLab Tracking Ship.
Note: SatCom Tracking Radar and Telemetry Antennas.


AOG Specifications:
Displacement 16,844 t.(lt) 22,310 t.(fl)
Length 595'   Beam 75'   Draft 30' (max.)
Speed 14 kts.   Complement 48 cvln, 18 Scntsts
[1] Turbo Eltc [2] Boilers [1] Propeller

AO Specifications:
Displacement 5,532 t.(lt) 23,350 t.(fl)
Length 524'   Beam 68'   Draft 30' (max.)
Speed 14 kts.   Complement 42 cvln, 17 NvyGuards
[1] Turbo Eltc [2] Boilers [1] Propeller