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The New Arctic Tug "MICHELE FOSS" is towing the lead section of
the  LAND TYPE OIL PLATFORM to "PILTUN BAY", Sakhalin Island, Russia
1600 hrs  April 30, 2016    Departed Long Beach  Area.
0600 hrs  May 2, 2016       Off Point Sur California Coast.  Wind NNW 14 km/h Point Sur COMMENTS
0600 hrs  May 3, 2016      
Off Point Arena Ca., w/ Michele Foss leading & Montana 20 km astern, starboard.
0600 hrs  May 4, 2016       Off Klamath, California. Wind NNW 44 km/h
0600 hrs  May 5, 2016      
At  Oregon State line, Montana now leading, both at 1.5 knts. Wind 38 knts/North 71km/h. 
0600 hrs  May 6, 2016       Working with winds in same area. Montana trucking on. Wind 32 knts/North 60km/h.
0600 hrs  May 7, 2016      
Montana 20 km off Dunes City. Michele Foss 15 km off Brandon State Park. Wind 21 knts/NNW 54km/h.
Week one from Long Beach.
0600 hrs  May 8, 2016       Off Tillamook Bay, OR. Michele Foss caught up with Montana. Wind  18 knts/NNW 27km/h.
0600 hrs  May 9, 2016      
Off Ocean Shores, WA. NOAA Ship Rainier was mapping. Click "NOAA" on map below.
0600 hrs. May 10,2016      At Port Angeles, WA. Stating in to ISLAND PASSAGE. A separate report linked to on map above.
                                              Week three from Long Beach.
0600 hrs. May 18, 2016     Both tugs are now in the Pacific. Michele Foss should be in Dutch Harbor on 19th.
0600 hrs. May 19, 2016     Michele Foss arrived in Dutch Harbor. Click it on MAP ABOVE!