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The New Arctic Tug "MICHELE FOSS"
is towing the lead section of the 
 to Sakhalin Island, Russia
0500 hrs. May 11, 2016     In the ISLAND PASSAGE, Michele Foss crossed the path of the Ferry Run between Horseshoe
                                                              Bay and Departure Bay, Nanaiho. My son and I took this ferry to go
Whale Watching.
0400 hrs. May 12, 2016     Michele Foss has just entered Queen Charlotte Sound.  Tug Montana is in Bellingham???
                                                                             The barge in tow was moved from Henry Island Bellingham.
0800 hrs. May 13, 2016     Michele Foss at this time was 17 hours and 44 min. out of contact. Montana still moored.
                                                                             Montana rejoined the tow at 1500 hrs. this day at the Canadian Border.
0600 hrs. May 14, 2016     Montana at Duncan Bay on Discovery Passage, British Columbia Canada.
                                                              After passing through Johnstone Strait I have posted three videos on areas encountered.
0600 hrs. May 15, 2016     Montana seems to now be on a different course than Michele Foss. Time will tell.
It took 11 hours to Replenish the two tugs at Port Angeles
But back at Henry Island, tug Montana required assistance from
 another Foss tug, Garth Foss.
At 1500 hrs. Garth Foss towed the barge to Bellingham, WA.
After securing her tow line, Montana traveled to Bellingham.
This is John Wayne Country.

But another favorite star of Vern's lived here. BURL IVES Lived in Anacortes WA.