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The New Arctic Tug "MICHELE FOSS" had towed both sections of
the  LAND TYPE OIL PLATFORM to Sakhalin Island, Russia.
Tug Montana had remained ported in Ishikari Bay???
0700 hrs. June 5,  2016     Michele Foss was about to enter Sõya  Strait. Montana was just one day behind.
2200 hrs. June 5,  2016     Michele Foss entered Aniva Bay where her AIS signal updated her Destination.
The new Destination was a few miles East of Otaru, due to be changed. :(
1000 hrs. June 6,  2016     Michele Foss's Destination was changed. See Aleutian Islands Map.
1600 hrs. June 7,  2016     Montana was running North of Mount Rishiri.
0900 hrs. June 8,  2016     Montana nearing ISHIKARI, Japan.
1630 hrs. June 8,  2016     Montana Dropped anchor off the Center Zone of Ishikari Bay New Port Authority.
2000 hrs. June 11,  2016   Montana's presence in Ishikari, Japan was made known.
2000 hrs. June 20,  2016   Michele Foss passed the Island of Yagishiri.
1130 hrs. June 21,  2016   Michele Foss sailed right in the Port Authority Harbor and anchored near Montana.
                                                 She was soon refueled and then out to anchor in the bay.
0730 hrs. June 22,  2016   Montana to Port Authority building then back to her barge again.
2200 hrs. June 22,  2016   Michele Foss  returned to harbor. CLICK ON "Camera No.1" symbol.
0600 hrs. June 23,  2016   Michele Foss Departed for Otaru. She was towing Barge 3330, which Montana had toed.
                                                                        At 2000 hrs. she was well north, off Shokanbetsudake Mts.
1200 hrs. June 24,  2016   Michele Foss, crossed her voyage path several times, heading north to Piltum Bay.
0500 hrs. June 29,  2016   Montana's AIS signal appeared at Ishiksri. An standard AIS signal here - 1st time??
2000 hrs. July 2,  2016       Montana and Michele Foss moved to opposite wharf in harbor.
Japan's territorial waters extend to three nautical miles into Sõya Strait instead
of the usual twelve, reportedly to allow nuclear-armed United States Navy warships
and submarines to transit the strait without violating Japan's prohibition
against nuclear weapons in its territory. "Japanese Times".

Japan Segment of
Japan time is minus
 2 hours Pilnum Bay time.

When tug Michele Foss came into
port on the 21st, she paused a short
while at the end of the waterway,
and released the empty barge 3331.

She then moved to a position
for refueling.

Around midnight she moved
and anchored out in Ishikari Bay.
But at 2200 on the 22nd she had
returned to the harbor and moored
to opposite wharf. CLICK PHOTO NO.1
Michele Foss moved to moor in front
of the main Port Authority Building.
Then at 0730 on the 22nd she
moved to where the barge was.

Around 0600 on the 23rd
Michele Foss departed
 with Barge 3330.

At 0730 on July 2nd, Michele Foss
returned from Piltun Bay with the
empty barge 3330 just as she had
with barge 3331 on June 21.