A SECRET SUB BASE  -  During the Cold War
In Balaklava, Ukraine - Insert image by jindeli

Photos by Russos at Sevastopol on the Black Sea

The base housed the C-189 now at museum in Petersburg.

The USA was monitoring the Black Sea well, at Karamürsel, Turkey

\Karamürsel Elephant Cage

"The AN/FLR-9 is a type of very large circular Wullenweber" antenna array, built at many locations during the Cold War
 for HF/DF direction finding of high priority targets. The worldwide network, known collectively as "Iron Horse",
could locate HF communications almost anywhere on the planet. Due to their large size and shape,
 these units were often nicknamed "Elephant Cages" or "Turkey Farms".
The Karamürsel AB FLR-9 was activated in 1966 and deactivated in 1977, when it was also dismantled.

Vern worked with these Antennas in Adak, Alaska.

It was Anthony Bourdain     who lead me to this history.
He visited and reported on foods in the Ukraine area.