Book Review
by Vern Bouwman

Thanks for sending out the "Navy Super Tanker" book, it is really great and the photos and write-ups sure bring back a lot of memories!
Best wishes, Lary Harris LTJG   7-9-2004  

Thanks so much for the book on Tankers, I have had a chance to read quite a bit of it and I think if is fantastic, you did a great job and it's a great book The detail of the ships was outstanding, I was able to see the berthing area I slept in and also my bunk ! I think you did yourself proud in writing this book and you should be very proud of your handy work, GREAT JOB !!!!!!
 Take care; Sam Osby MM2 7-10-2004  

I received the book and I just can't seem to put it down. Great Job
 Bob Taylor SH3 7-10-2004 

The postman brought me a wonderful coffeetable gift yesterday! Many many thanks. You've put together quite a collection of pictures and stories there, my friend! 
 Aloha,  Jon Bernard CMDR   7-11-2004  

Read the book cover to cover. You did a great job putting all that information together, Vern. I hope the sales of the book are as terrific as the content.
Dick Blessing HMC USN RET    7-12-2004  

Many thanks.  A magnificent work!  What memories it has uncovered.  I have only skimmed through it, but am looking forward to reading it from stem to stern.
Al  Hirschler, Jr. LTJG.   7-12-2004   

I just wanted to THANK YOU for the copy of Super Tankers that you sent.  I was very happy to be able to help, as well as be a part of the history of the USS Kawishiwi AO-146.  So far it is a very interesting read.  Again thank you and thanks for autographing my copy.
Drew Andrews GMT3   7-14-2004   

I received your book and was astounded.  It's great. I need to respect a person who is so dedicated as to put this much into a project.  It seems inadequate to just say "thanks" but here it is anyway........Thanks:
Steven Baldwin AO-144   7-19-2004   

Hey Vern,  Just received your Super Tanker Book.  Great job, well done, you must be proud.  Thanks from all Tanker Men.  Good Luck
     Howie Koch AO-144   7-19-2004   

I received my Super tankers book in the mail and have been reading over it for the last several days. You have done a great job and the book, now prominently displayed on our coffee table, is a great addition to the other Navy memorabilia. It really brings back great memories. Thanks for the time you took in pulling all of this together. All the best,
Jim Barton Capt.  7-19-2004

Thank you very much for the Navy Tankers Book. I'm amazed at the amount of information you have compiled. I enjoy sitting out on my patio thumbing through the book picking out little bits of information. Thank You for standing out as a true American. This is a time when the Nation needs such patriots.  
Darrell Oman  FTG2  8-4-2004

Most certainly appreciate your time courtesy and effort in providing me the ball cap, history book and bumper sticker.  They arrived this AM. All I have done since then is sit around in my
cap, read the history and dredge up a lot of memories.  Thanks again and Very warmest regards,
Jack Finley;  Captain, 1977 Commander of USS Kawishiwi  8-11-2004

   I very much appreciate the book--a great reference.  I wish you the best of Luck.
Mark Gatlin  Director  Naval Institute Press  8-16-2004

I received the book today. WOW, I am surely impressed. I was not expecting what I got. Don't take me wrong but most of the time books of this nature are much less in content and volume. You must have thousands of hours in this project. I certainly appreciate it. I wish you could see the grin of satisfaction I have on my face.
Ron Phillips, RM1 10-1-2004

Thank you for the copy of your excellent book!  I think you inspired me to write one of my own... it is being proofed as I write.
George Breckenridge, EM3  10/24/2004

During the day I manage a crew doing repairs on the Pacifica School District Buildings. After hours my life seems to revolve around my kitchen table, and your book has not left that table since it arrived here! I have not even read it page by page as yet, I'm still excitedly jumping around the chapters. In the process I remembered that I had two Passumpsic cruise books: 67-68 and 70, so I've also been into those again! I was part of the civilian inspection force that visited the MSC vessels at least yearly, and I happened to have been aboard all of them during the survey and re-flagging operations. I also [mostly sadly] was able to board other vessels as well as some of these at Siusun Bay, where they looked very little like their former image. I was able to reconcile those images better when I remembered bringing the Liberty Ship Jeremiah O'Brien out of mothballs on her own power, after thirty years! That looked bad, but you would never know it today to see that lovingly maintained national memorial vessel! I seem to be wandering, but the point is: Thank You very much from another "Gray Lady" lover. I have enjoyed it, and will continue to enjoy it!
Ken Manley, USS Passumpsic 11-03-2004
You know Vern, crazy as it seems, every time I look at the old crew photos, I'm 19 years old again. I can't thank you enough for your work with the oiler gang.
 Rocky Marcellus, FTG2 4-22-2005

I've recently told some of my relatives/friends about the "K" website, and they are really impressed with your work on it - some have even told me that's the best website on a navy ship they've seen , and some of them are former navy personnel from other ships with their own ship websites, so on behalf of all of them. Congratulations on the website, not only from me but many others that have seen it.
 Hector Montano, RD2 4-23-2005