The Owners Manual
How many of us have had a machine for so long that with its continuous break down we run out and buy another? We get it home and go to take it out of its crate and find this packet of books. One of the books is titled Owners Manual. What do we do with this manual? Most of us open a drawer and stash it inside. Some even throw it a way.
Have you noticed about six months later a friend will come over to visit, see the new machine, and make this statement? “I didn’t know you had this new machine!”  Your answer “Yea, I‘ve had it for about six months now”. The friend will ask, “Did you know it would do this?” Your answer is, “No, I didn’t know this.” The friend will say, “Let me show you something,” walking over to punch some buttons, twist a few knobs, or maybe turn the crank. The machine does something you did not know. In reality wouldn’t that be (IN HOME SCHOOLING?)
Or maybe this happens six months later. You are at home on the weekend bored as all ever, going through the drawer, pick the owners manual out and start thumbing threw it. Most of the manual you know, but one of the paragraphs jump right off the page, your mind will think, wow! I didn’t know this machine would do this. Notice it is at this point that you read and re-read the paragraph five or six times to make sure that you understand what you are reading. In reality this is called (SELF EDUCATION).
You walk over to the machine punch a button, twist a knob and turn the crank; the machine does exactly what the book reads it will do. You play with it a while, shut the machine down, walk back over to the chair you were sitting in, scratch your head and think, Wow! I’ve got myself a better machine than I thought I had.

My Owners Manual
 “The Constitution”
Over Two Hundred Twenty Eight years ago. There where 56 assemblers working in this factory, Liberty Hall. They started building this machine. They had no idea what to name this machine. But they started to write an owner’s manual for it. They would call this manual the Constitution.
They had a good idea how they wanted it to work. This group of assemblers was educated well from looking into a mirror from the past (The History Book). Now they wanted this machine to run as efficient as possible. They had other manuals to guide them in the process of fabrication. One of the manuals was the Holy Bible. Notice that the Holy Bible is a complete book of self discipline, with an invisible GOD. Notice also that it is a complete book of integrity, verses corruption, leaving man kind with a self motivated choice of either, also presenting the ramifications, of that choice.
Notice the Constitution also protects that CHOICE!
Let’s take a look at an electrical battery. There is negative (corrupt), voltage (knowledge), and positive (integrity). If we should decide to work this battery with out both sides of the battery being connected there would be no motivation of the voltage. What makes the human think that life is any different? There is one thing still missing! That is wisdom (common since), better described as [the best interest of others], the world.
Do not miss under stand me here. If I were doing something that had me on a course of destruction and you had enough foresight to see that the end result was destruction. You would come to me with a predication (prophesy) telling me the end result. Would it be because you wanted the end result to happen? Or could it be you wanted me to see the result and let me choose to change my course?
At the end of the day at the factory those 56 assemblers had built the greatest machine of all times.
They named it (The United States of America.)
For millenniums, man kind has been taught that there is going to be wars and rumors of wars, and that, governments, religions, races can not agree on one subject. It seems we all believe that, thus no motivation to agree. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we figured it out one day, and we are all in this boat together, no matter what race, government, or religion, the boat being (the world) and the ocean being (space), we are all together. There is only one who can fix the problem, the one being (me) or in your case (you).
Our boat has a lot of holes and we need to start plugging holes so it doesn’t sink. Start teaching our future generations that they can fix it, that they need to clear the jealousy, hatred and animosity from our hearts mind and souls. Because it is hard to teach old humans new tricks, the new born hasn’t been taught yet so the old use wisdom realizing that we have lost it and teach the future what they can. Now they will think they can get motivated and there future generations will be motivated. The next thing you know is the greatest machine ever built is working properly.
Benjamin Franklin stated “The constitution guarantees us our freedoms we have to catch them”. Dr. Marten Luther King made this statement “I have a dream”. It doesn’t matter if you are dead or alive, all a dream is, is a thought! It doesn’t matter if you are dead or alive! Reality is that thought, motivated. Come on world don’t you think its time to start plugging holes?
This much I do know, this boat isn’t going to sink. It’s just going to get so full we will decide to get her sailing again.
William Nees
USS Kawishiwi AO-146  66-67