OPERATION  DOWNFALL  An Invasion NOT found in the history books.
If this had happened, it means the A-Bomb did not come about and a lot of us would maybe not be here today.

Deep in the recesses of the National Archives in Washington, D.C., hidden for nearly four decades lie thousands
of pages of yellowing and dusty documents stamped "Top Secret". These documents, now declassified, are the
plans for Operation Downfall, the invasion of Japan during World War II.

Only a few Americans in 1945 were aware of the elaborate plans that had been prepared for the Allied Invasion
of the Japanese home islands. Even fewer
today are aware of the defenses the Japanese had prepared to
counter the
invasion had it been launched. Operation Downfall was finalized during the spring and summer
of 1945. It called for two massive military undertakings
to be carried out in succession and aimed at the heart
of the Japanese

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