The first of the 472 ships
built by the
Oregon Shipbuilding Company
of  Portland, Oregon
Hull # 171  Way 7
Completed 31 Dec. 1941

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This American Cargo Steamer was sunk on
 30 August 1942
by gunfire from the
German  U-162
in the southern Caribbean off Tobago.
[1] person was lost
from a total of 55.

Named  in honor of the 19th century sailing vessel with the same name, the Schooner "Star of Oregon".

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Type: EC2-S-C1
Displacement: 14,245 long tons    Length: 441 ft 6 in o/a   Beam:  57 ft   Draft: 27 ft 9 in.
Propulsion: [2] oil-fired boilers   2,500 hp  Single screw   Speed: 11 knots [13 mph]
Range: 20,000 nmi [23,000 mi]  Capacity: 10,856 t   Crew: 81
Armament: Stern-mounted 4 in  Variety of anti-aircraft guns.

A Liberty Ship Launching