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Son-In-Law served on Stallion
He was:

Sotoyomo Class Auxiliary Fleet Tug:
Planned and authorized as
Rescue Ocean Tug ATR-120

Reclassified Auxiliary Fleet Tug
ATA-193, 15 May 1944
Laid down, 26 October 1944, at Levingston Shipbuilding Co., Orange, TX.
Commissioned, USS ATA-193,1 Feb. 1945
Decommissioned, 1 Sept.1946, Orange, TX

Laid up in Atlantic Reserve Fleet, Orange, TX.

Named USS Stallion (ATA-193), 16 July 1948
Recommissioned, 19 July 1949
Decommissioned: in Oct. 1969, Norfolk, VA.
Laid up in 1970 in
Reserve Fleet, James River, Fort Eustis, VA.

Struck from the Naval Register, 10 June 1997
Transferred, in 1980 to the Dominican Republic and named Enriquillo (RM-22)

US Navy photo from "All Hands" magazine, July 1953

The tug ATA-125 is "of the same class" photographed during an 1945 inclining experiment in Norfolk VA.
Weights for the inclining experiment can be seen on the deck aft.

Specifications:  Displacement 835 t.(lt) 1,360 t.(fl)    Length 143'     Beam 33' 10"    Draft 13' 2" (limiting)    Speed 12 kts.   Largest Boom Capacity 5 t.
Complement:    Officers 5    Enlisted 40    Fuel Capacity Diesel 1,200 Bbls
Armament   [1] single 3"/50 dual purpose gun mount,  [2] single 20mm AA gun mounts
Propulsion: [2] GM 12-278A Diesel-electric engines with single Fairbanks Morse Main Reduction Gear
                       Ship's Service Generators
two 60Kw 120V. D.C.    single propeller, 1200 shp

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