USS Kawishiwiv AO-146 Dependent's Cruise - June 1971
at anchor out of Kailua-Kona, Big Island-Hawaii

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   Tom Sparkman's comment,  "Chief Carpenter and I had Shore Patrol for the three days we were there.  Not a single incident.  The Chief and I were put up at a nice hotel and we just walked from hotel bar to hotel bar sipping Mai Tai's. 

The captain's gig, 26 footer, which you see being lowered amidships in the photo, sank at the boat boom on the port quarter that night.  When the watch went around he thought it had been stolen.  Only the bow line was in sight, stiff as a steel rod.  The boat was hanging from that bow line.  Seems the stuffing tube where the propeller shaft goes through the hull leaked.  It happened before in Hong Kong. 

It was not a protected anchorage.  When they were hoisting aboard the 40' utility boat the crew couldn't hold it against the sway of the ship and it crashed into the captain's gig (now in its cradle on deck) and stove in the bow of the gig. 

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