Tom and  Jan SPARKMAN

DINKELSBUHL is a walled city east of Heidelburg, Germany.

There is a medieval wall that surrounds the city.
Access to the old part of the city is through gates in the towers that form part of the wall.
Some photos are taken where you see the outside of the wall.  The dry moat is visible.

October 2, 2011 - PHOTOS - LINK

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It took Jan and I two hours to make a complete circuit of the town on the top of the wall.

The old part of Nordlingen, Germany is a medieval city completely surrounded by a stone wall.
 The wall has slits every few feet for the defenders of the city to shoot arrows and crossbows
at any attackers.  In later years they could shoot muskets. During the 30 Years War (1619-1649)
 Nordlingen was not taken by force.The city paid a ransom to be left alone.Included is a diagram of the
 old part of the city surrounded by the wall. I took photos of many houses.  I was particularly
interested in the houses balconys and rooftop open areas. The towers were the location of the
 gates into the city through the wall. The moat around the city wall is now dry and is used for gardens
 and playground areas. The helmets shown are actually from the Crusade era (1200s and 1300s).

Nordlingen - PHOTOS - LINK

Freiburg, Germany – Just east of the Rhine River and the border with France

Freiburg - PHOTO - LINK

Black Forest – Southwest Germany – North of Switzerland – East of France,
Through Alpirsbach, Freudenstadt, Germany

These photos are on the Web Server of a Sheckler Grandson - Click the map on: Reutlinger

Black Forest - PHOTO LINK

Bacharach, St. Goar, Rhine River

 Bacharach - PHOTO LINK

Mosel River and Zell, Germany (on the Mosel River)

Mosel River - PHOTO LINK

Meaux, France-30 miles east of Paris - Our room - Where we stayed outside of Paris


Paris, France


St Menehould, France – 137 Miles east of Paris – (30 miles west of Verdun)

St Menehould - PHOTO LINK

Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken - PHOTO LINK

Grindewald, Switzerland – Just north of Interlake
It snowed on us as soon as we arrived in Grindewald.

 Grindewald, - PHOTO LINK

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland – Also  north of Interlaken

Lauterbrunnen - PHOTO LINK

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