Space Recovery Missions
Most Apollo Recoveries occured in the Pacific
Two occured where Kawishiwi was assigned
Apollo 13....Apollo 15
The USS Kawishiwi AO-146 was secondary recovery ship and assigned logistic duties for these lunar missions ......... see: MAP
Jon Bernard was aboard when Kawishiwi was assigned as secondary recovery vessel, 200 miles downrange of the primary recovery carrier (Iwo Jima, as I recall) for some Apollo  missions (I'd have to check which ones). We carried a full scale Apollo re-entry module & made practice approaches on it in mid-Pacific moderate sea conditions while under the watchful eye of  NASA supervisors. The Kawishiwi wasn't one to "stop on dime" from Standard speed, and on a practice recovery during which I was the OOD, I brought it in too tight and a swell slapped it into our side, rupturing the orange flotation collar around it! Fortunately it didn't sink, but after that I appreciated that Apollo re-entry flights always came close to their target and could be recovered with helo's.
Other Apollo Landings
Kawishiwi crew did train for Gemini XI
All Gemini Recoveries occured in the Atlantic, except  Gemini VIII

The USS Kawishiwi AO-146 was not in the area to participate.
See how the Kawishiwi crew prepared for recoveries in 1965.
Mercury Missions
Mercury 8..........................Mercury 9


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