Letter to Lunar Module Pilot

Fred Wallace Haise, Jr.                                       June 26, 2007
C/o NASA Johnson Space Center
CB/Astronaut Office
Houston, TX 77058

Dear Mr. Haise

I am historian for USS Kawishiwi AO-146 which is now moored in the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet. Kawishiwi was primary logistics support and secondary recovery for your splash down in the pacific.

I have but two questions. Was the three of you aware of Kawishiwi being present in the area? If so, what can you remember about Kawishiwi or did you see it?

It would be real nice if I could write any of your memories in Kawishiwi’s history.


Thanks for taking that wonderful but troubled ride. We will never forget it.

Vern Bouwman
USS Kawishiwi AO-146 Historian
12616 NE 190th St.
Bothell, WA  98011-3108

USS Kawishiwi AO-146 in Pago Pago near Apollo 13 Splash Down.
Notice the extra storage huts on starboard refueling deck for logistic support.
I was rewarded with a reply from Fred on July 21, 2007 with a logical answer.


I am afraid that I cannot help with any memorable story of the USS Kawishwi being involved in our recovery on Apollo 13. The only ship that I recall being involved at the time was the Iwo Jima aircraft carrier. It has been decommissioned and cut up for scrap medal. I was ill and almost immediately went to sick bay after the brief arrival ceremony on deck. I am afraid that the efforts of the USS Kawishwi were lost as with many contributors during the Apollo Program. Over 400,000 people employed at the peak of the program and for the most part the media always focused on ourselves or Mission Control!

                                                    Good luck in the project,
                                                                Fred Haise
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