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USS SIDES FFG-14    Last Voyage
April 30, 2015  Meegan M. Reid / Kitsap Sun The frigate USS Sides is towed past Bachmann Park in Manette on Thursday. The first of three frigates departed Puget Sound Naval Shipyard's ever-shrinking mothball fleet Thursday.  USS Sides, decommissioned in February 2003 and originally available for sale to foreign governments, began the journey to Southern Recycling in New Orleans. The company submitted a high bid of $52,800 for Sides , two sister ships here (USS Jarrett and USS George Philip) The deal with Southern Recycling required Sides to be removed first, with no more than six-month windows separating the three. The 445-foot-long Sides, named for Adm. John H. Sides, served less than 22 years. It became available to scrappers in 2012 after nearly being purchased a couple of times by other countries. After the frigates and Independence are gone, only four surface ships will remain - carrier Kitty Hawk, amphibious transport dock Dubuque, fast combat support ship Bridge and frigate Ford. The Ford, named for Gunner's Mate Patrick O. Ford, not the president, is available for scrap. The other three are being kept in reserve.
The Tug Pacific Star towed the Sides into Puget Sound off Manchester with Assist tug Westpac at the stern.
The Allison Crosby took up the tow at Manchester and headed for Long Beach where it will refuel. ETA May 7, 2015

Apr 8, 2015.  Ray F Longaker Jr. provided the photo of Sides as it was getting ready to move her to the nest beside the George Philip.
The nest was upriver
   next to
USS Independence CVA-62.

Refueling was accomplished in Long Beach On May 8th.
The "USS
Sides FFG-14" was held in place by tugs Edith Foss & Pacific Queen.
"USS SIDES"  arrived and anchored in Panama Bay May 28th.
The supply ship "Tisa Supplier" came out for a couple days.

"USS SIDES"  relocated north on the 30th.
"USS GEORGE PHILIP" arrived and anchored on the 31st.

"USS SIDES"  was towed into Rodman Inspection Station

Photos in Miraflores Locks