Cover Photo
 The walking beam paddlewheeler Mount Washington on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

Launched at Alton Bay in 1872,
burned at the Wiers in 1939

Engine: 42 inch bore by 10 foot stroke;  450 h.p.;
Length: 178ft. Beam: 49ft.  Draft 6.5ft  500 tons.

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These ships sink!
Abraham Lincoln has a

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At The Controls

A capable engineer was as vital to the smooth and safe operation of a paddlewheel steamer as was the captain.
It was not just a matter of running the engine smoothly for the sake of the passenger comfort.
The safety of the boat and everyone aboard depended to a very great degree upon the engineer.

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The giant size of walking beam marine engines is illistrated with figure of a man by an intermerdiate size engine.
The largest one ever built had a cylinder diameter of 110 inches and a piston stroke of 14 feet.
It developed 7500 horsepower and eight boilers were required  to supply it with steam.
The paddlewheels it drove were 35 feet in diameter and each weighed 100 tons.

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