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These photos show the Atlantic Ocean where the aircraft carrier ex-USS Saratoga (CV-60) was under tow off the coast of North Carolina. The Saratoga was being towed by the Signet Warhorse III, a beast of a tug with 135.44 metric tonnes bollard pull. This photo was taken by Lt. Cmdr Scott Moak, aka "Smoke", who is one of the last active duty Saratoga sailors still serving. The choppy seas in the photo are being produced by Hurricane Cristobal, which on 27 August the National Hurricane Center listed as a Category 1 with maximum sustained winds of 65 knots.
The tow of USS Saratoga CVA-60 showed up on radar on 8-29-0300. Speed 3.9 knts. The storm CHRISTOBAL had obviously had a big affect on their progress. The position off Myrtle Beach S.C. is one point where radar can be detected. The tow was out of range again until Miami. Fl.  The ETA still displays 9-09 but did change. The TUG POSITION LINK AT TOP OF PAGE was used during this tow.