Visions of possible history displays
This is Vern Bouwman's own thoughts.  As of February 8, 2010

This vision is highly dependent on whether NOAA would even consider these thoughts. My passion for several years has been to create a museum that makes the public aware of the Navy's Oilers. Oilers still support our navies war ships just as Sand Point Naval Air Station supported ships through out it's existence. Just as an idea for creating a museum here, why not include the oilers. Seattle could be proud to have the only Oiler Museum in America.
The first item I would try to create is a road that would connect to the Magnuson Park roads, creating a loop drive. This could be made possible if NOAA could permit a road to be build along it's south perimeter, moving it's security fence inboard about 60 feet. This 60 foot width would permit additional parking for the Dog Walk, Community Garden and The Brig.
In creating a museum for the Historical District, I keep wondering if locating it within an old building would draw on the younger generation. A modern building would most likly be more of an attraction just as the Air Museum at Boeing Field. The young have to be first led to the older buildings.

First I would create a Promotion Trailer that would attract support for a museum. It could be parked just to the left/west of a Model Plane Flying Field depicted on the image below. A fine museum could be built later, as funds allowed. In the mean time planes might be brought into the same area plus a large model/diorama could be built by the trailer and flying field.                                                                                               MORE BELOW
PBY HISTORY SNV-2 Trainer HISTORY 1944 PASE PLAN 1924 FIELD Douglas World cruiser Oiler Museum John Wayne Ship Building No.2 Building No.30 Sound Guarden FINS Activity Center

See Note right :)

<---The image left displays what I see as a master plan. to me this is necessary because of how popular Magnuson Park is. It needs more parking and better traffic handling streets.

NOAA may need more space along the water front, release more waterfront parking to them.

The theme is SUPPORT,
which Sand Point did through out its service years.


An Aulternate Scenario for Pontiac Bay

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