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The Tug  "ELSBETH III", towing USS Roanoke AOR-7
Arrived  in Panama Bay on  January 25, 2013


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1 - 25  Good Morning   0430 EST

Capt Mike reports: Presently 5 miles from sea buoy and 4.7 miles from anchor position. Should be anchored around 0700. I will be involved with maneuvering etc. at 0600, I will send the report with fuel and times after we are secure.
0710 local time all secure at anchor - All is well with tug, tow and crew. Standing by waiting for Officials and ESCO crewboat with mooring lines etc. Capt. Mike

Good job! One of my long time ago Captains, who evolved into U S Navy engineering is in Panama and would like to make the transit if it can be done with ease as to mutual schedules, etc. Can we do this?  Capt. Latham Smith

1-26 Capt Mike reports: 0600; We are standing by at anchor with the "Roanoke" outside of Balboa waiting on Pilots and line handlers etc. All is well. 
0750-0820 heaving in tow wire;   0830 Pilots arrive;    0840 line handlers arrive;
0850 underway;
0900 assist tug "Guadeloupe" arrives;    1035 assist tugs "Aruba" and "Cristobal" arrive;
1045 Arrive at Rodman;    1115 First line up from "Roanoke";   1130 "Guadeloupe" departs;
1137 "Roanoke" all secure Berth # 1 North "Aruba" and "Cristobal" depart;    1155 Pilots depart;
1230 Harbor Masters paper work and boarding complete;   1500 Inspection complete;  
Capt Mike reports:  Officials working on paperwork for us to start transit Monday. Shifted to other side of dock at 1600 to take on fuel. 

1 - 27 FYG, like to inform your good unit completed fuel and fresh water replenished. -Please be advised your good vessel has been schedule to commence Panama canal transit at 0735-28th  up to Gatun lake at 1255-28th. Panama canal authority did not published clearing time for your good units, reverting with full transit once available.
Eder H. - Operation Department - GATEWAY TRANSIT, LTD
0215 Jan 27 Pilot aboard;   0230 Secure alongside "Roanoke" on North side of dock #1;
ll is well with tug, tow and crew. We will be standing at this position at Rodman Dock until transit.
Good Morning,  This is the 0600 report I will not be getting up at 0600  Reported by Capt Mike

DAY 19 - WEEK 3

DATE: Friday, January 25, 2013
Panama Bay  - Secure at Anchor
Pos 08°52.27'N    079°27.89'W
Wind N 5kts Sea N less than 1ft

DATE: Saturday, January 26, 2013
Balboa, Panama  - Secure at Pier
Panama International Terminal

DATE: Sunday, January 27, 2013
Rodman Pier #1
08°57.1'N    079°34.4'W
Wind light  Sea Calm

1 - 28  FYG, like to inform your good vessel commence Panama canal transit at 0820hrs/28th and due to clear Gatun lock at 1326hrs/28th     Samuel Jordan - Operation Department;  GATEWAY TRANSIT, LTD

Standing by alongside "Roanoke" at Rodman’s Dock # 1 North waiting on Pilots for transit. All is well with tug, tow and crew. Capt Mike You know, tugs can never move anywhere without a Pilot, on the Panama CanalSee Video
Scheduled departure is approx. 1300. Capt Mike Notes:Marsha made short ribs, baked beans, Asian cole slaw, potato salad, brownies and Ian cooked cheeseburgers on the grill. We had the 6 line handlers from the ship come down and eat. Our weather for the next 3-5 days is looking like NE 15-25kts and6-11 ft seas. It seems like it will be a slow go for the first 3-5 days anyway.

Transit Times are as follows:  0715 Cast off tug from "Roanoke"; 0745 Pilot aboard; 0820 Underway;  0935 Secure in Miraflores lock chamber #1; 1015 Secure in Miraflores lock chamber #2;  1105 Secure in Pedro Miguel lock; Depart lock; 11251315 New Pilot aboard at Gamboa; 1325 Pilot Off; 1700 Arrive at mooring buoy; 1730 Lines on buoy from "Roanoke"; 1800 Tug secure alongside "Roanoke" and Pilot off; Things went smoothly, it was a little windy so we did not make quite the speed that we were expecting but all is well with tug, tow and Crew. Mike

1 - 29  Hi,  Just in case anyone happened to be around their computer, we should be locking through about 1400.  We have just departed the mooring in the lake. Later,  E3 - 1240 hrs Pilot Onboard;  1300 hrs Resume passage from Gatun Lake;  1455 Secure Gatun lock chamber #1;  1510 Secure Gatun lock chamber #2; 1530 Secure Gatun lock chamber #3; 1700 Pilot off;  1725 Esco crew off;  1800 Clear Breakwater Pos 09°23.3'N 079°55.1'W

DATE: Monday, January 28, 2013
Pos 09°13.1'N    079°55.6'W
Wind NE 15-200kts Sea 1-2ft

DATE: Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Pos 08°57.1'N    079°34.4'W
Wind NE 5-10kts Sea Calm

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