USS Roanoke

The ship was cleaned for traveling

in drydock #2 at
Mare Island Drydocking

Mare Island is the scene
of many historical memories
such as the South Piers.

During WWII, many ships were constructed
in Ways, 1 and 2.
Like LCT's. and DD's

In way 2, there is a memorial for
 Submarine SSBN-658
where she was launched from.

Further up stream there now exists a
Memorial to two WII ships.
USS YLI-434 "Eugene H"

It was from the tug, YLT-434
Philip Mattingly drowned
on December 8, 2012

USS Roanoke AOR-7 arrived February 29, 2012 while USS Wabash AOR-5 had just been removed from dry dock.

Max Hunter maintains the WEBCAM looking out over the drydocks.

She was later Dry Docked

Mike McCullough went to the dry docks December 18th and had a VIP tour given by Suzanne Castleman of Allied Defense Recycling.

Mike went about the ship to take the following photos.

A Liquid Recovery Operation

They proceeded to the the stern of the ship.

Roanoke has two propellers and two rudders.

A close look at the starboard prop.

A Starboard view

Starboard - Bow

Anchor Chains ready to be configured into a tow bridle.

A flag was posted on the drydock cassion  in respect for
death of Philip Mattingly 
who drowned a few days earlier, just a few 100 feet to the left of flag.

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