Ready Reserve Force  - Pier 50, San Francisco, CA

MV Cape Hudson (AKR-5066) conducting anchor tests south of Angel Island, San Francisco Bay, 28 July 2007.
Cape Horn and Cape Hudson at Pier 50 - San Francisco Bay

 Cape H RO/RO-class ships served with the Army Preposition Afloat [APA] program: the MV Cape Horn, and MV Cape Hudson. They can carry up to 6,766 standard ISO containers spread over four holds and have a 39-ton crane to unload the containers. They have a fixed 63.9-ton capacity vehicle ramp on the starboard/stern quarter. The ramp allows RO/RO operations to the starboard side or aft only. These ships have an overall capability of carrying 180,000 square feet of cargo.

Specifications:   Displacement 15,000 t.(lt) 51,836 t.(fl)
Length 749'   Beam 106'   Draft 36' (max)   Speed 18.5 kts.
Cargo Capacity 180,000 sq. ft., or 6,766 ISO containers
Crane lift capacity, 39 t.    Vehicle Ramp capacity 63.9 t.
Complement Fully Operational Status 27 Reduced Operational Status 9
Armament none
Propulsion one slow speed diesel engine, 17,288 hp, one propeller