BOSTON NAVY YARD  - Boston, Massachusetts

Photo #: NH 94199 Boston Naval Shipyard Annex

Vertical aerial photograph, taken in May 1958. This print has been annotated to mark warehouses used by the U.S. Army. A large number of ships are present, among them twenty Reserve Fleet escort aircraft carriers. Identifiable ships are USS Norfolk (DL-1), at left at the end of the wharf extending from the drydock; USS Antietam (CVS-36), in lower left; and USS Dayton (CL-105), in right center, among the escort carriers. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, from the Collections of the Naval Historical Center.

Following the war, the berthing spaces of the South Boston Naval Annex were used for the process of inactivation and storage of ships no longer needed in commission with the peacetime US Navy. At it's peak in the mid-late 1950's the Annex was the storage site for 20 Light & Escort Aircraft Carriers, 9 Cruisers and numerous Destroyers. During this period, the Annexs' drydock and Southeastern-most berth were used for overhauls and repairs to active service Navy ships, a role continued today. From: Former Site Of South Boston Naval Annex / Marine Industrial Park (Boston, MA) / History.Nav 

Boston Navy Yard is in South Boston, along Boston Harbor. Both of the yards were built, to a large extent, on filled land. The main yard went from 123 acres to 143 acres 1942. The annex was increased from 106 acres to 231 acres. This 1888 map displays the annex area addition. Todays land fill is even greater, including the areport.

At the South Boston Annex, work was started in March 1940 on a quay wall and wharf and on a machine shop 1,300 feet long and 500 feet wide. The following spring a new power plant project was undertaken, to provide six boilers, a compressor and a primary connection to the Edison system.

An additional waterfront project, comprising two 980-foot timber piers and a steel sheet pile bulkhead, was started in the sumer of 1941, followed in September by construction of an additional shop 420 feet long and 120 feet wide.
The Boston Navy Yard Annex was 2 miles down river from where the USS Constitution was constructed in the Charlestown Navy Yard in 1797. The Charlestown yard is now the Edmond Hartt Shipyard.
In December 1941, work was started on a graving dock, 693 feet long, 91 feet wide at entrance, and 32 feet deep over the blocks, for the repair of cruisers. This dock, which was built inside a cellular steel pile cofferdam, was completed and placed in service in March 1943. The cofferdam was later incorporated as part of Piers 5 and 6. Work was also undertaken in 1941 on a 500-man barracks for ship's crews, necessitated by the fact that with three-shift repair work, the crews could not be quartered aboard. The expansion of the Annex continued with the construction of an additional 900-foot pier, started in the fall of 1942, a rigger's shop, a paint shop, and a general shop, started in November of that year, and extensive improvements and additions to utilities, streets, tracks, and equipment.   From: History.Navy

By the mid-1950s, the South Boston Annex was used for storage for inactive aircraft carriers of the Atlantic fleet. This bird's-eye view of the "mothball" fleet looks from Pier 2 at the left to the jetty and Dry Dock 3 at the right. [BOSTS-7793]
From book: Chalestown Navy Yard by Barbara A. Bither, boston Nationl Historic Park -  Google Books Review

The South Boston Annex was located 2 miles across the harbor from the main yard in Charlstown. this 1943 aerial shows the annex at its height during World Warr II. Dry Dock 3, located to the left of the triangular jetty, was one of the largest on the east coast. USS Wakefield AP-21 can be seen in the background at the far side of Dry dock 4. [BOSTS-7791]

Workmen complete task of preparing the light cruiser USS Dayton CL-105 for the "mothball" fleet at the Boston Navy Yard. Smaller guns on the 10,000 ton craft are coated with a preservative and covered with a dome (foreground). Wood and tarpaper "sheds" cover the boats on deck.

In reserve, "Mothballs" South Boston Annex, august 1960.  Destroyers USS Monssen DD-798 and USS Baldwin DD-624 are seen moored along side.

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