S. S. Red Oak Victory

The SS RED OAK VICTORY, one of only ten "Boulder Class" Victory ships modified to function as ammunition carriers.
Boulder Class Cargo Ship:
MC (VC2-S-AP2) hull 544
Laid down, 9 September 1944 at
Permanente Metals Corp., Richmond, CA.
Commissioned USS Red Oak Victory (AK-235)
3 November 1944
Decommissioned December 21 May 1946
Transferred to NDRF, Suisun Bay, CA.
Leased to Luckenbach Gulf Steamship Co.,

 Seattle, WA., 29 May 1947 - Returned??
Re-actived, 21 December 1965,
 leased to American Mail Lines
Returned 1968
Released from the NDRF, 20 Sept. 1998
 for restoration at the Richmond, CA.
Museum of History.

Displacement: 4,480 t.(lt) 15,580 t.(fl)
Length: 455'   Beam: 62'   Draf: 29' 2"   Speed: 15.5 kts.
Complement: Officers 12 Enlisted 87
Propulsion: [1] Westinghouse Cross Compound Steam Turbine View VIDEO
                 [2] Babcock and Wilcox header-type boilers, 525psi 750°

Propulsion: [cont] [double] Westinghouse Main Reduction Gears    [single propeller] 6,000shp
                       [2]turbo-drive 300Kw 120V/240V D.C. Ship's Service Generators
Fuel Capacity: NSFO 18,575 Bbls
Cargo Capacity: 7,800DWT non-refrigerated 453,210 Cu ft   Largest Boom Capacity 50 t.
Armament: [1] single stern mounted single 5"/38 cal dual purpose gun mount
                 [1] single bow mounted 3"/50 cal dual purpose gun mount
                 [8] single 20mm AA gun mounts

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