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Montevideo, Uruguay
The train arrived in the area at 0400 hours on May 20, 2015. At 1000 hrs. The Ranger was left moored with Crosby Endeavor and Assist tug. Crosby Leader headed WESTand made port in Montevidel at 1600 hours.
Tug Crosby Leader must not have been able to complete refueling in Montevideo so
on Friday night went for some at La Plata, Argentina.

Tug Crosby Leader finally completed refueling at La Plata, Argentina. She was back with her sister Crosby Endeavor at 1000 hrs. on the 24th, which had been holding USS Ranger CVA-61 off Maldonado for 4 days.
The holding had been a real struggle with the very high winds. See track of Assist tug Oriental 1.

A 2nd support Tug arrived on Memorial Day, the 25th as the team of tugs
 maneuvered around "Ranger" for 24 four hours.

The 2nd Tug, Crosby Endeavor was able to head west for refueling at 1300 hours. on May 26th.
The "WIND" had died down to 8 knts from 18 knts. On this day, Uruguay Military Operations displayed
three vessels. They didn't venture beyond Maldonado.

Crosby Endeavor followed the same proceedure as Crosby Leader, Refreshing at Montevideo and
Refueling with same tanker at Port La Plata, Argentina. Notice they travel on exact ship lanes.

On May 27th the assist tug, "Oriental 1" had been wrestling
with the Ranger for 8 days. She was relieved by tug "Matrero".

On May 29th the two tow tugs disappeared off the tracking website.
No destination was given. Lets guess they will be off Rio de Janeiro on June 6th.