Mike McCullough follows Crosby Leader
 around San Pedro on March 15, 2015

Crosby Leader went to Mikes Main Diesel Stop for Fuel while receiving papers of clearance from Coast Guard. Perhaps their encounter at Pier "D" was for other provisions.
At noon, Mike went to his car at the Seal Beach parking lot. He headed toward San Pandro via Ocean Boulevard, stopping to make a phone call to Vern. Vern told him to turn south off Highway 47, after crossing the river, head south to 22nd  street and back east to river. There the Crosby Leader would be, and it was.  MV Crosby Leader was at Mike's Main Diesel Stop, right next to General Petroleum.
This is the Refueling area for "MIKE'S DIESEL STOP"
It was 3:15 p.m. when Mike took this photo. He thought he could get better pictures from the water so he went north and boarded the 4:00 p.m. Harbor Cruise aboard MV Fista. He had taken this same cruise while photo'ing the "USS Constellation Last Voyage."
Mike likes being at the Bow.
Cruise Vessel "FISTA"
Sailing ships and Tankers were seen moored as the cruise headed south.
Soon Mike's Cruise came upon the Crosby Leader at Mike's  [ Funny - Mike at Mikes :) ]
At 4:21 PM, Mike photographed "SS LANE VICTORY", but looked up, and blinked his eyes
a few times, and saw a familiar shape heading towards him, MV Crosby Leader.

The Coast Guard station on Terminal Island, across from where Crosby Leader was moored, looked a bit deserted.
All that was there was two 45 foot RB-M utility boats and the buoy tender USCGC George Cobb

At 5:00 p.m. Mike was was back at his car and driving North - Home.