Mike McCullough photos from 8 miles away on March 15-16, 2015
Mike is one of our "historically minded citizens".  He helped to save USS Hornet from 1995 to 1998, and was one of the original docents from 1998 to 2013. He hoped that history would have repeated itself with USS Ranger. He toured the Ranger at least once.

Mike departed from his apartment in San Jose at 5:35 AM on Saturday in order to be in the area of the Seal Beach Pier at 7 AM on Sunday, The plan was to tour Nuccio's Nursery in Altadena and SS Lane Victory in San Pedro on Saturday, and on Sunday photograph USS Ranger and MV Leader.

Mike arrived at Nuccio's Nurseries at 11:11 AM after driving 336.7 miles. He been a member of the American Rhododendron Society since 1975.    Since the late 1970s, or early 1980s, he has been making stops at Nuccio's on his Rhododendron occidentale plant hunting trips or seed collecting trips. Nuccio's Nurseries is the best place to obtain camellias and Azalea Series rhododendrons.

Departed Nuccio's Nurseries at 12:50 PM. Arrived at the Seaport Marina Hotel 2:50 PM, which is close to Seal Beach.

0734 hrs. - Approaching Holding Sight and
skirting around the Container Ship Fleet.

0746 hrs. - A closer view but 8 miles away.
The situation at 8:29 AM with a view from the Pier South to the tip of the breakwater which is the entrance to Seal Beach Naval Weapons Center.  Unfortunately on this trip no destroyer paid USS Ranger a visit before going to the naval weapons center like a destroyer paid USS Constellation a visit.  About in the center of the photo is USS Ranger
and to the left of her is very likely the container ship MV CSCL East China Sea.

USS Ranger 8:34 AM.  Just before she was moored with the three tugs,
Campbell Foss, Carolyn Dorothy, and Robert Franco.
 MV Crosby Leader took off for Timm's Landing
 to receive relief papers from the
Coast Guard on Terminal Island.