Refueling the TOW TUG "CROSBY LEADER"   March 15-16, 2015
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USS CONSTELLATION CVA-64  on August 18, 2014
USS Ranger CVA-61
Crosby Leader
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The photo below was taken on March 16, 2015 on a Chat Page.  
Jason, aka/invincus, took the photo from Dana Point, California;
a short time after The USS Ranger CVA-61 tow departed Long Beach.

In the Chat Session, this is posted.
Jason said: "
Saw the Ranger on her way to Texas under tow.
Be the final trip as she is to be scrapped.
Steve T. commented: "
Assuming they are going to take her through
the Panama Canal to Texas, aren't they towing it the wrong way?

made it possible for
us to see this photo.
Click image ABOVE:

Just think about all those fishing boats out there who probably have see the tow and have wondered
what it was about. It would be great if they took photos and sent them to me.     WEBMASTER! :)

Steve was correct, So I reversed photo. That's Santa Catalina Island in the back ground.
USS Kawishiwi AO-146 was planned to be a
Reef at Dana Point a while back.