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As she is now,
moored at Yacht Harbor
in Saulsalito, California

Engine History: The tugboat Sea Lark (ex-YTB-266 Pocahontas) is powered by a DMQ-8 Enterprise diesel engine.
The tug is of the same class as the
Maris Pearl YT-270 and the Red Cloud [YT-268].
Engine Videos by: Jay C. Leon
Sea Lark
YTB 266 Pocahontas as Sea Lark. The Sea Lark was purchased in 1997 from Crowley Maritime. They owned & worked the tug for 20 years and laid her up for 4 years until is was bought. the new owner, Mary Richardson, made all the machinery operable, put new steering cable on & hauled out putting on zincs, paint etc. The tug has been entered in tug races on SF Bay for three years, coming in first and second twice. This is the winning photo that was on a calendar. (Contributed by Glen Simmons)  Mary sold the tug in 2013.

Of interest, passed along by Fred Reep. Behind the Pocohontas is the ORION ex YTM 540 QUILEUTE built at Consolidated. Morris Heights, N.Y. Her pilot house is on a hydraulic ram which raises and lowers the house. A feature seen more on the canal tugs in the Northeast rather than the west coast.
Sea Lark in all her glory in the San Francisco Bay
On Thursday, the twenty seventh of August, 2015, shortly after 9:30 AM, Mike McCullough, a local Navy Historian, drove to Sausalito. He arrived at a parking space near the intersection of Bridgeway and Bay Street at 11:06 AM.  Plopped three quarters into the parking meter. This parking space was not far from the Sausalito Yacht Harbor (where MV Sea Lark is located) which is North of the Ferry Terminal.
Took along a copy of the photo that Vern sent me as to the location of MV Sea Lark.

He hiked up several piers and finally,
in the distance, MV Sky Lark became visible.

This is Mike at the bow of Sea Lark at 11:27.
Mike says, there is no way that a selfie photo can duplicate this.  Those characters who have poor photographic equipment that do not have a ten second delay and cannot be put on a tripod should throw their junk away and get a real camera.

Much scraping away the rust and painting needs to be done on MV Skylark.

USS Pocahontas / MV Sea Lark at 11:34 PM.  Note the green stuff growing on the aft line.

Returned to his car at 11:43 AM.  A trip to see just USS Pocahontas / MV Sea Lark would be not productive, so headed East to Photgraph the USS Red Oak Victory.