Glen (Boots) Peterson

USN 1959-1962
from New Baden, Illinois

Boot Camp in San Diego, 1959. Then Sonar "A" School, San Diego

I was stationed on the West Coast. Mostly San Diego.

Boots worked in Maschoutah,Illinois for the Illini State Telephone Company, 196_ - 19__.

His friend Vern Bouwman, host to this web site, also worked there 1965 -1969. Vern's ship, AO-146 refueled the DD746 many times.


Boots went aboard the Taussig (DD746) in 1960.
We went to the far east in 1960 and I think again in about 1961 or 1962.
Some of the ports we hit included Hong Kong, Hiroshima, Pearl Harbor. 
I spent time in Long Beach, Vallejo, CA., San Francisco, Seattle, etc.
We were the first ship to go to Hiroshima since the occupation. 
We were well received, but it was hard to communicate,
since almost no one spoke English.

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