USS Pawnee ATF-74

A North American Indian tribe of Caddoan stock, now living on a reservation in Oklahoma.

lass: NAVAJO FLEET TUG  Design: MC Z-ET1-S-C3
Laid down on 23 October 1941 by the United Engineering Company, Alameda, California;
Launched on 31 March 1942;  Commissioned on 7 November 1942,

Displacement (tons): 1,676 lt.    Dimensions (feet): Length 205',  Beam 38' 6", Draft 15' 4"
Compliment: 85.   Speed (kts.): 16.5
Armaments: 1-3"(76mm) gun (1944); 2 40mm guns
Propulsion: Diesel-electric - four General Motors 12-278A diesel main engines
driving four General Electric generators and
three General Motors 3-268A auxiliary services engines, single propeller, 3,600shp

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Music by TIM BARRON SM3 1968-70 USS Kawishiwi AO-146