USS Niagara APG-1

Fort Niagra was Captured from the British by American forces 28 November 1812
Niagara Class Torpedo boat Tender: 

  • Laid down 14 November 1928 as the steel hulled yacht Hi-Esmaro by Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine
  • Collided with a tanker off Newport, RI in July 1929 and returned to Bath Iron Works for repairs
  • Acquired by the Navy 16 October 1940
  • Converted to a Coastal Minelayer, CMc-2, 31 October 1940 at New York Navy Yard, Brooklyn, NY
  • Renamed Niagara, 12 November 1940
  • Reclassified as a Patrol Gunboat, PG-52, 15 November 1940
  • Commissioned USS Niagara (PG-52), 20 January 1941
  • Reclassified as a Motor Torpedo Boat Tender, AGP-1, 13 January 1943
  • Sunk by Japanese aircraft bombing near San Cristobal Island, Solomon Islands, 23 May 1943
  • Finished off by a torpedo from PT-147.
  • Displacement 1,922 t. (fl)  Length 267'   Beam 35' 4" Draft 17'
  • Speed 16 kts.   Complement 139
  • Armament: [2] 3"/50 dual purpose gun mounts
  • Propulsion: [2] 1,500shp Cooper-Bessemer diesel engines, [2] shafts.

  • Bath Iron works


    The first PT tender, USS Niagara [AGP 1], a converted yacht, with PT-17 alongside
    National Archives photo 80-G-248513

    Edgar E. Mauer from St. Louis, Missouri was twenty eight when he joined the crew. He had been on the USS Niagara AGP-1 when it was sunk by a Japanese air attack on May 22, 1943. On the PT-109 he would be quartermaster, cook and signalman. He would also join Kennedy, Maguire, Drewitch, Kowal and Drawdy on the PT-59.  From Maritime-Quest

    Music by TIM BARRON SM3 1968-70 USS Kawishiwi AO-146