ANew Rating  -  Established in July of 1957
Neosho had a Torpedo Tube mounted below the water line for just one month; then it was removed.

This card was awarded to Joseph O. Inquagiato
FLEET OILER TORPEDOMEN proudly show their red shoulder patches at Neosho Reunions.

Another Navy oilers have torpedo practice history.
Kawishiwi let subs launch dumbies that would bounce off her hull.
Taluga  let a sub launch torpedos that went 60 feet beneath her hull.

Watch John Wayne help perfect Torpedoed in "Operation Pacific"

Until more detail is available, this web master chose a location for the TORPEDO ROOM.
Perhaps it was located just above the forward Pump Room.
Plans are not at hand to know what this area and area on 2nd level were used for.
Torpedoes could be lowered from 01 deck to this location.

It is suggested that the Mk-32 launch system was used.
Below is a three tube system being used for an above deck test.

System description: Wikipedia, HNSA, Maritime.org, and Navweaps.com

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